A watch for the extraordinary.
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A watch for the extraordinary
Only extraordinary people wear a Rolex as a Blaken watch. Explorers, for example. In cases where a watch usually stays at home, the Blaken-refined Rolex Explorer comes into its own, like when climbing mountains, on polar expeditions, when participating in sport, or when on desert safaris or underground geological surveys.

Earthquakes, extreme cold and heat or even strong magnetic fields cannot touch this watch, which has been
developed in research lasting years and which is the first choice for use in research expeditions.

Highly quality materials, otherwise only used in industrial applications, and the blue magnetic field-resistant Parachrom Breguet overcoil spring, which cannot be shaken even by massive impacts, mean that this Blaken black Rolex brings tried and tested reliability and a touch of luxury to the remotest corners of the earth.
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Up to eight time harder than Rolex watchsteel.

Virtually scratchproof and corrosion-resistant.

Chemical resistant and no allergenic materials.

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„Depending on the Level of complexity, the process takes up to eight weeks, during which our engineers and materials experts turn a dream watch into a handmade unique piece that's one hundred percent made in Germany.“

Managing Director, Blaken GmbH

Blaken Explorer

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