Five years after customization, you enjoy an all-round guarantee on your personalized Blaken, which includes possible material, processing and coating defects as well as defects and malfunctions that occur under normal use and maintenance conditions. Your Blaken warranty is valid worldwide, regardless of the country in which you have commissioned our services. The Blaken guarantee completely replaces the original manufacturer guarantee for your personalized watch.

Our guarantee services do not include any maintenance, repair or replacement work that is necessary due to normal wear and tear, improper use and improper treatment, but also due to accidents and force majeure. The same applies to work that has to be carried out when the causes are beyond our control. So that you can assert your guarantee claims, please only have maintenance work, repairs and / or changes carried out by us or by service points authorized by us. Otherwise your guarantee will expire. If you order repair work without consulting us, the costs for this cannot be reimbursed.

In the event of a warranty claim, please hand over your watch with the warranty card to an official Blaken Service Point or contact us so that we can arrange for your watch and warranty card to be collected. Your watch will then be repaired by us or replaced at our discretion. Please note that neither repairs nor exchanges under your guarantee will result in an extension or a restart of the original guarantee period.

This guarantee does not restrict your statutory rights to which you are entitled when purchasing consumer goods, nor does it affect them in any other way. The guarantor is: Blaken GmbH, Schwitter Dorfstrasse 15, 58708 Menden, Germany.

Blaken is an independent company and is in no way affiliated with Rolex S.A. or other watch manufacturers nor licensed by them.
We customize luxury watches on customer request.

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